Suprine is developing a range of vehicles based on the fundamental Exodus configuration. As discussed in the tab "SPV", Suprine intends to help reinvent transportation to achieve the level of improvements we've come to expect with computers and telecommunications.

Street Vehicles

In the near term, Suprine will be offering two models:

  • The Exodus 2014;
  • The Exodus 2014 G, with a turbo engine and upgraded brakes and related components.

Soon after, you'll be given a choice of several body enclosures, providing enhanced and individualized streamlining and weather protection. Several of these versions will include an air conditioning option.

Off-Road and Dual-Purpose Vehicles

Perhaps the most important variant will be a dual-purpose off-road version for use by the cross-continent endurance rider, law enforcement, and military. Development is now underway to integrate a variable height suspension as well as a variable transmission. Both single-wheel and two-wheel drive versions are being assessed. These models will be specially reinforced for ultra-strenous use, as well as to carry additional rider protection and equipment.

Racing and Powerplant Plans

Throughout the course of machine development, Suprine will work to provide racing venues and competitive class categories for recumbent cycles. Suprine will then design and build even more specialized competitive racing configurations for world competition.

In due course, other types of powertrains may be introduced, including both diesel and electric. For the longer term, hydrogen-powered internal combustion engines are being evaluated.

On the fun side, Suprine is looking for additional sponsors to develop a pure NHRA drag-racing machine equipped with a 1000+HP V-8 engine and a single massive racing slick tire; we're thinking of calling it "Mjölnir."