Intellectual Property Rights

Suprine Machinery has acquired selected manufacturing rights protected under the following US and International patent: Under those exclusive rights, Suprine is entitled to build covered products and license secondary rights to other firms. Suprine also has a range of other intellectual property rights itself, including patents in process, trade mark, copyright, trade secrets, and so forth.

However, Suprine's intention is not to block other manufacturers, but to encourage the production of similar recumbent motorcycles and improve the products of all competitors, as well as to establish common standards for re-engineering the transportation network.

Suprine will enter into agreements with other manufacturers for joint development efforts or for straight licensing or cross-licensing opportunities. Anyone interested in such opportunities should contact

Licensing options can include a provision that a portion of licensing fees can be replaced by a tax-deductible contribution to Hampshire Research Institute for each vehicle sold. Hampshire, a 501(c)(3) tax exempt research organization, has entered into an agreement with Suprine to use these proceeds in a joint policy effort to guide industrial development, and, in particular, improved high-speed transportation networks. Proceeds of license fees to Hampshire will be used to develop policies, programs, and private and government intiatives to guide and stimulate such improvements. For further information, go to for further details on Hampshire's Industrial Development Initiative.