Beginning in July, 2013, Suprine will start accepting deposits on orders for delivery in early 2014.

Initial orders will be taken for machines nearly identical to the Exodus. In addition, the special "G" version will be available, equipped with a much higher horsepower turbo-charged engine, carbon/ceramic brakes, heavier drive bearings, a 6-speed transmission, and other performance features.

Custom versions also will be available, with materials, seat, body, communications, and finish options.

Initial deliveries likely will cost a minimum of $55,000. "G" versions likely will exceed $100,000. Custom versions equipped with "G" components likely will exceed $150,000.

As described under the tab "Models", several Exodus variants are now being developed. These models won't be released until late 2014.

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For further ordering information, or to suggest your preferences for future models, please contact orders@suprine.com.